May 24, 2013

Update Christian Brothers – United States Bankruptcy Proceedings Settlement

Bob Buckingham confirmed today a mediational agreement has been reached to settle the claims for sexual abuse by Christian Brothers in the Irish Christian Brothers Bankruptcy proceedings in the United States.

As a result of claims for sexual abuse initiated by many Newfoundland men the Christian Brothers of Ireland in Canada went into liquidation a number of years ago.  This was followed by the Christian Brothers of Ireland in the United States filing for bankruptcy.  There are about 150 Newfoundland men claiming relief in the United States proceedings.  Overall 400 survivors of sexual abuse have come forward in the United States proceedings.

The settlement agreement was reached after many Court appearances and intensive multi-day mediations in the United States.  One of the lead negotiators on behalf of the survivors was Mr. Geoff Budden, of Budden, Morris Mount Pearl, Newfoundland.  I want to thank Mr. Budden for the exemplary professional legal services he provided throughout this process.

At the present time approximately 16.5 million dollars of Christian Brothers’ assets have been identified for distribution to survivors.  We anticipate that amount will grow depending on final disposition of Christian Brothers’ property and a thorough analysis of available insurance funds. 

Mr. Buckingham says the process for resolving the claims will take some time.  There has to be an assessment of each of the claims and funds assigned to each individual.  An assessment process has also been reached in the settlement.  Mr. Buckingham does not believe funds will be distributed until 2014. 

For further updates on the settlement process and fund distribution please stay tuned to our website and facebook page.



Christian Brothers Bankruptcy Proceedings

The Christian Brothers of Ireland filed for protection under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the United States claiming approximately $50-million in assets. 

As a result of this filing, anyone having a claim of sexual abuse or other claims for damages against the Christian Brothers of Ireland, including abuse suffered at Mount Cashel Orphanage and/or at the hand of any agent, employee, teacher or volunteer of the Christian Brothers, now has only until 4:00 p.m. on August 1, 2012 to file claim.

Failure to File
If you have suffered abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers and you do not file a claim by the deadline indicated, you will not be considered a creditor under this filing and you will have no claim/vote regarding monies distributed as a result of this bankruptcy

The United States Bankruptcy Court has established detailed procedures that must be followed when filing a claim of sexual abuse or other damages. To ensure your claim is properly completed, filed, and processed before August 1, 2012, contact Bob Buckingham Law.

Making the Justice System Work For You
Bob Buckingham has represented many survivors of abuse suffered at the hands of the Christian Brothers of Ireland and at Mount Cashel Orphanage. When the Christian Brothers of Ireland in Canada went into liquidation, Bob Buckingham Law assisted its clients through the settlement process, guaranteeing fair and just monetary settlements. 

At Bob Buckingham Law, we have the skills and experience required to help you achieve a fair settlement against the Christian Brothers of Ireland. 

If you are an abuse survivor and you would like to learn more about what this bankruptcy filing might mean for you or if you want to file a claim, Contact Us. All inquiries are kept private and confidential.



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